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Prior to E15 entering commerce in any area a number of steps must occur. One of these required steps is the implementation of a retail survey program. Click this link for the survey:


The Association of Nebraska Ethanol Producers works proactively to advance the ethanol industry in Nebraska through effective communication with members, with elected officials and to advocate their best interests through representation, promotion, education and the delivery of vital services.

Objectives of the Association of NE Ethanol Producers

  1. Raise the awareness of the viability of ethanol and other renewable fuels as part of the domestic fuel supply.
  2. Promote policies and programs to the state and local governments in Nebraska which support and encourage the development and use of ethanol fuels.
  3. Serve as a resource for providing accurate current information to the media and others with respect to ethanol and its markets, producers, distributors and consumers.
  4. To serve our members as a joint resource for administering programs, improving safety and labor practices, conducting specialized training and otherwise developing ‘Best Practices’ for ethanol producers.
  5. Seek to set forth the provision of resources for demonstrating the positive nature of ethanol and renewable fuels to the economy, environment, security and stability of Nebraska.
  6. Facilitate educational events and materials and otherwise encourage greater public interest and knowledge concerning the production and use of ethanol and renewable fuels.
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